The Elysian


Who are the Elysian

The history we know is only part of the story…

 Every culture on the Earth has legends of men and women who were capable of extraordinary feats: healing the sick with a touch, incredible strength, altering their form, even harnessing nature itself. They were seen as mystical beings, heroes, sorcerers, gods. They were wrong. They were the Elysian. A race of humans who have walked the Earth since time began, immune to the ravages of age. Once they lived among us, secretly guiding mankind. But now most have gone into hiding leaving us to our own means and fading into myth.

 This breakaway civilization of ultra-terrestrials who have lived in peace and solitude for so long are now threatened by a unknown force who’s technology rivals their own. If they cannot defeat this threat it will envelop the Earth in darkness. Unprepared for the battle ahead the Elysian are forced to call upon one of their own, an outcast who’s been forced to live among humans for hundreds of years. His “all-to-human” tendencies maybe the only chance the world has.