Volume 2 Update

Things are heating up in Volume 2. As we learn more about Hades’ origins the mysterious shadow man and his forces return to wreak havoc, this time on a global scale. After a few world altering events here in the real world these last few years, Volume 2 is more than a quarter of the way finished.

We’re currently seeking a publisher and hope to be back out on the convention circuit again soon.

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KICKSTARTER LaunchFeb 25th

BIG NEWS! The Kickstarter campaign for The Elysian Volume 1 is ready!

Tier rewards will feature two brand new KickStarter exclusive prints, supplementary PDF materials, a postcard, stickers, shirts, original artwork, a digital copy of the book, and of course the soft cover of the 160 page Elysian graphic novel which is 100% complete!

The campaign will officially launching on Tuesday February 25th.

Check out the Prelaunch Page and keep checking the Elysian Comics Facebook Page for details and updates.